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Apple Wireless Mouse

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Posted on 07:10 PM | Mon, Apr 27, 2020
Use your PC comfortably with the stylish Apple Mouse. Designed to be used in either hand, this black mouse provides excellent sensitivity for everyday computer use and boasts the high standard of design you'd expect from Apple.-Smooth controlSimply plug the mouse into a USB port and it is ready for use, with no need for drivers or other software. It has a resolution of up to 800 DPI, which makes it easy to glide across your desktop without lag slowing down your work. Control your cursor easily with precise movement that allows you to create documents, navigate the web or browse through apps without a second thought.-Simple useNo matter which hand you prefer to hold your mouse in, you can find the option to suit you as the Apple Mouse has an ambidextrous design, making for comfortable use in either hand. -Cable LengthThe ample cable length means that it is easy to use with your PC or laptop, so you can use this mouse wherever you go.Speed through your applications, documents and more with the high quality and high precision Apple Wireless Mouse.